2017 Sencha with Matcha

Matcha dates back to the introduction of tea to Japan from China. Slowly grinding green tea creates a fine powder which simultaneously suspends and steeps in hot water. The texture, color, and flavor are intensified since the whole leaf is being consumed. On the flipside, matcha can be tricky to prepare properly. The slow grinding of the leaf prevents friction and heat that could damage the leaf, but is time-consuming and adds to the final cost. Another cost factor is the shading and fertilization that occurs before harvest, which is a labor-intensive way to boost the color and umami content of the tea. These factors make matcha a good blending candidate, since it can add color, body, and flavor to other teas  (such genmaicha or sencha) making them affordable alternatives to straight matcha with a similar color, mouthfeel, and flavor.

Our Sencha with Matcha is combination of organically grown sencha and matcha from Kagoshima, Japan. It is a blend of chumushi (medium-steamed) sencha with a matcha of blend made of several cultivars to produce a sweet, umami flavor. It has a very fresh, green taste, without being overly vegetal. There is a slightly nutty flavor from the finish of the sencha that further boosts the perception of sweetness. The matcha gives the sencha a more energizing quality.

Steeping Instructions

In a kyusu, use 1.25 grams of tea per ounce of water. Steep at 160°F for 1.5 minutes. Additional infusions will lose strength since the matcha primarily is poured off after the first infusion, but a second 1 minute infusion should still yield a tasty cup. Sencha with Matcha is an excellent candidate for cold-brewing.