400ml Glass Teapot

Our 400 ml Glass Teapot is our most versatile teapot.  It can be used for just about any style of tea. Similar to a coffee French press, the large cylinder allows the leaves room to expand while simultaneously allowing them to get a good amount of surface to water contact for proper extraction. Made from glass and stainless steel, it is easy to clean. 


Begin by boiling water. 

Fill the teapot with boiling water to warm it up.

Use the chart below to measure out the appropriate amount of tea by type.

For green and white tea pour some boiling water into a large cup to let it cool. Wait 3 minutes or until the water has reached 180º F. For oolong, black and herbal teas use the water off the boil.

Discard the water and place the leaves at the bottom of the pot. 

Fill the pot with the appropriate temperature water to the 400 ml mark beneath the spout, replace the lid, and steep for the appropriate amount of time according to the chart. 

When the time is up, pour off the tea completely into a cup or serving pitcher and serve so that the leaves don’t continue to steep in the water.

Tea                                          Amount                                  Steeping Time


2-3 tsp (7 grams)

3 minutes


1-3 Tbsp (6-8 grams)

3-5 minutes


2-3 tsp (7 grams)

3-4 minutes


2-3 tsp (7 grams)

3-5 minutes


1-2 Tbsp (5-7 grams)

3-5 minutes