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Seasonal Tea — Guangdong

2017 Golden Phoenix Oolong

Doug Palas 2017 China Dan Cong Guangdong High Mountain Oolong Tea

2017 Golden Phoenix Oolong

Southeastern China is the birthplace of oolong tea. Oolongs originated in the Wuyi mountain range located in northern Fujian province roughly 1000 years ago. According to old Chinese tax records, Fujian’s neighbor to the west, Guangdong province, has produced oolong for nearly 900 years. The oolong grown in Guangdong was certainly influenced by the manufacturing processes developed in Northern Fujian, but makes use of a unique strain of an old tea cultivar called dan cong. Dan cong was originally produced in the Golden Phoenix mountain range, which is why these teas are often referred to as Golden Phoenix Oolongs whether...

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