Kilogram Tea

Organic Iron Goddess of Mercy

Tea Size:
Organic Iron Goddess of Mercy is loaded with subtle flavors and nuance. The medium oxidation level combined with the high growing elevation produces a sweet and floral cup, with hints of pine and the charcoal roasting process. The firing process reduces the astringency without damaging the long-lingering floral finish. Each person who tastes this tea is bound to taste something unique. In a gaiwan, add 6-7 grams of tea. Pour just enough 210°F water to cover the leaves. Pour off the water immediately. Fill the gaiwan again with hot water and steep for 1 minute. Pour into a cup or serving vessel. Fill the gaiwan with again with hot water and steep another 45 seconds and pour. Repeat the process adding 15-20 seconds per infusion until the leaves no longer provide adequate flavor. Total yield should be at least 4 infusions.

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