Kilogram Tea

Organic Turmeric Tonic

Tea Size:
This spicy caffeine-free infusion draws its flavor from pungent turmeric, hot ginger, and combination of lemon and lime. The flavor is slightly bitter, earthy and citrusy sweet. It tastes great served hot or cold and pairs well with a slice of fresh lemon and some honey.

In a 400 ml teapot, steep 8 grams for 5 minutes in 210°F water. It is also a well suited tea for cold-brewing. Steep 15-20 grams in a one liter jar with just enough 210°F water to cover the tea. Steep for 5 minutes, and then add enough cold water to fill the jar. Refrigerate for 16-24 hours. Strain into another and serve over ice. Keeps refrigerated for up 72 hours.

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