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Early Spring Yunnan White Peony 1 oz Box


Harvested in late March 2017, Early Spring White Peony is the Yunnan, China grown white tea that is made from the top two leaves and a bud from the famed Da Yeh cultivar. It has a sweet honeyed, floral profile that shares a similar mouthfeel with Fujian white tea, but doesn’t come off quite as herbal. It leans towards being fruity similar to stones fruits such as apricot or peach.

In a 400 ml kyusu or glass teapot, steep 6-8 grams for 3-5 minutes in 180°F water. It is also well suited tea for cold-brewing.  Steep 15-20 grams in a one liter jar with cold water, and refrigerate for 16-24 hours. Strain into another and serve over ice. Keeps refrigerated for up 72 hours.

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