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Steeped Yunnan Purple

Organic Yunnan Purple


For the past four years we have offered several heirloom black teas from a garden in Yunnan, China, located on the Myanmar border. Both Kenya and Eastern China produce purple cultivars, but they don’t share the ancient lineage of our Yunnan Purple. This particular tea is grown on Wa Mountain in Southwest Yunnan at an elevation of 1700-1850 masl, the perfect environment to slow the plant’s growth and develop lots of flavor.

Harvested in April of 2019, Yunnan Purple is very assertive, but still sweet with loads of the bright flowery notes of violet and rose. 

In a gaiwan, steep four separate infusions starting with 4-5 grams of tea in 210º F water for 30, 40, then 45 seconds, and finally a minute. It is a strong tea. Lowering the dose will produce a lighter cup, but it may not yield as many infusions

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