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Spring Shan Lin Xi 1.75 oz Box


Harvested in May 2017, Shan Lin Xi is a high elevation tea (gao shan cha) grown in Nantuo, Taiwan. The growing elevation of 1500 masl slow the maturation of the leaf so that it can develop tremendous aroma, and complex flavors of mango, wildflower, and honey. The light oxidation and delicate baking insure that the flavors are clean and lingering. 

In a gaiwan, add 6-7 grams of tea. Pour just enough 210°F water to cover the leaves. Pour off the water immediately. Fill the gaiwan again with hot water and steep for 60 seconds. Pour into a cup or serving vessel. Fill the gaiwan with again with hot water and steep another 45 seconds and pour. Repeat the process adding 15-20 seconds per infusion until the leaves no longer provide adequate flavor. Total yield should be at least 4 infusions.

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