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1.75 oz Uji Gyokuro Box

1.75 oz Uji Gyokuro Box


Gyokuro is produced by shading tea plants just before harvest. Starving the plants from sunlight, creates an unmatched sweetness, loads of umami, and deep, rich flavor. Our Uji Gyokuro, from the famous Uji growing region in Kyoto Prefecture, is a perfect example of how unique this style of tea truly is.



Traditionally, gyokuro is served in small cups, about demitasse-size and savored.  Gyokuro can be prepared like a sencha, but the key to unlocking the gyokuro mouthfeel and sweetness is steeping it using the following steps. Bring filtered water just to a boil. Place 4-5 grams of tea per person in a small teapot such as a kyusu or hohin. Pour the freshly boiled water into a cooling vessel of your choice. This can be anything conductive, such as a cup, a mug, or Pyrex measuring cup. It will pull heat out of the water, bringing your water to the desired temperature quicker.  Using multiple cooling vessels will speed up the process even further. When your water has cooled to 155-165° F, pour it over the tea in a ratio of 1.2 parts water to 1 part tea by volume. This is very important.  Volumetrically, you should only use 20 percent more water than tea. It should cover the tea slightly.  If this too strong use more water to taste. For the first infusion, steep for 45-60 seconds. The first infusion will yield only a small sip of tea. Add more cooled water, covering leaves a second time at the aforementioned ratio by volume. Steep the leaves a second time for another 45-60 seconds and pour between the cups on top of the first infusion. The second infusion should yield more tea due to the expansion of the tea leaves. Steep it for a third time using the same temperature water, tea-to-water ratio, and length of time. Once again, pour it on top of the first two infusions and serve.



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