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Steeped Yunnan Tippy Broad Leaf

Yunnan Tippy Broad Leaf

A whole leaf tea made from the indigenous cultivars of the birthplace of tea, Yunnan, China. It was harvested in May 2019. Broad leaf assamica plants are famous for their rich and malty black teas, and this tea is no exception. Flavors of yam, cacao and molasses round the flavor while the slow growth at high elevation gives this tea an assertive aroma. The mouthfeel is smooth and weighty. In a 400 ml teapot steep 7 or 8 grams for 3-5 minutes in 210F water. It will definitely stand up well to milk and sugar, but is equally delicious on its own. Due to its strength it will turn cloudy if made as an iced tea. While it may not be attractive it will still be delicious iced.

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