Organic Matcha

Matcha is powdered green tea from Japan. When whisked vigorously with hot water, it produces a thick, frothy beverage that is rich in flavor, amino acids, and antioxidants. It originated in China during the Tang Dynasty in the form of a coarse, steamed green tea that was compressed into cakes. Pieces of the dried cakes would be roasted and crushed into a powder to be mixed with water.

In 1191, a Zen Buddhist monk named Eisai traveled from Japan to China and returned with powdered tea. Over the next couple of centuries, the cultivation and processing of matcha was perfected in Japan and integrated into Japanese culture via the Japanese tea ceremony. Rooted in Japanese philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Shintoism, the tea ceremony is a preparation of matcha through an intricate series of steps that highlights aspects of each philosophy, but doesn’t belong to any one of the three. It is a formal celebration of seasons utilizing art, etiquette, and humble appreciation to serve guests exquisite tea.

Popular today, matcha is used not only as a drink, but an ingredient in many Japanese dishes. Sweets (such as ice cream and daifuku) as well savory dishes commonly use matcha to add color and sweet, almost fruity flavor.

Our Organic Matcha has the classic flavor profile. It is a stone-ground, ceremonial quality matcha from Kagoshima, Japan. The blend of cultivars harvested during the first harvest of the year produces a sweet and fruity matcha with notes of sakura blossom, berry, and wild herbs. Using only pure green tea, it produces a vivid green color. It is best prepared as usucha or thin tea, for drinking hot. It makes an excellent iced tea when shaken with ice and water, and it is perfect for green tea lattes and milkshakes. See our other matcha blog posts for predation tips and recipe ideas